Interview to Finnish Rock / Metal Band HEROES DONT ASK WHY

Photo: Noora Porthen
Angelo  in Agencia Hummingbird Press continues in contact with the undergrpund. This time her chance was to have a conversation with Kimmo Puhakka, the guy in the drums in this Scandinavian band. We invite you to read about their origins, Finish bandas and much more here: 
Hummingbird Press: Heroes don’t ask why, is practically new, since 2015 kicking it on stage. How would you describe being a musician (especially in Finland) where there is a great diversity in music?
There’s an underground rock scene here while mainstream radios are dominated by finnish rappers. Usually rock bands become big outside Finland and nobody’s really interested those bands here. But after the success in other countries, finnish media becomes suddenly interested. 
I know it isn’t easy to record a new album, to think of a concept and the did you deal with difficulties related to recording (for your recent album)?
We had a pretty strong vision for this record after the first one. The band had tightened up their sound through live concerts supporting the first self-titled EP. Our bassplayer is the visionist with graphips and lyrics. So the actual recording process was easier than with the first EP. 
We all know all great bands from your country. What’s your approach compared to other Finnish bands?
We try to be more diverse rockmetal band than typical finnish metal bands. But we just do our own thing and leave comparing to other people. 
I see your bass player has a customized two string bass, a really neat bass, I have to say. How did he meet Isohanni to have this bass? And for the rest of the band, is it really important for you a label for your instruments?
Jarkko Isohanni (Isohanni Custom founder) is an old friend of mine and a local guitar builder and pro guitarist himself. He made me a custom telecaster first. That way Johnny got interested about own signature custom bass. Two strings and low tuning were his specs and the end result was great. We have been gradually improving our gear. Guitarists use Mesa Boogie amps, Ibanez, Isohanni Custom and Music Man guitars, Isohanni Custom bass, Ampeg bass amps and drummer has Pearl Masters Premium Legend set and Meinl cymbals. 
Photo: HDAW´s Official Fan Page 
Kekkonnen isn’t a well known city in Colombia. What can you tell us about rock scene in there? How does promotion work for you there? And Regarding festivals, concerts, album recording...?
Our hometown is called Kokkola. We have pretty strong scene here.  Some members of SONATA ARCTICA are from here. We promote mainly through social media. OMe, Kimmo Puhakka handle a double duty as band manager and drummer. We have been recording our EP’s at Studio Watercastle, which locates at southern Finland. The studio is owned by Arttu Sarvanne, who has a long professional career recording and producing rock and metal records.
The art work of your last album is interesting somehow, it depicts a caotic world with just some color in the sad woman’s dress. Explain us a bit what do you try to show fans in there. 
Artwork is a product of our master mind bassplayer Johnny Kivioja. He has developed the concept and our graphic designer Terje Tiilikka makes those images to reality. I guess the images of our cover art somehow depicts the sad and heavy subjects of our lyrics. 
"HEROES DON´T  ASK WHY" is a great title for a band, in my opinion. But what do you exactly want to show to your public through this name?
Heroes Don’t Ask Why was a name that our original drummer Joachim Kiviniemi (ex-Deep Insight) had had in his mind for years. It sounded great so we took that for our band name. 
Do you have any "friend band" to recommend us? Just to listen some more of Kekkola’s music...
We share our rehearsal place with a band called Miami Wiseguys. They are great lads. 
Tell us if you have any shows coming.
We have few club shows coming around Finland, next week in Jyväskylä, in the center of Finland. Actually I’m sitting on our tour van while writing this interview. We had a gig in Pori yesterday. 
A final message for our Colombian and Latin American readers at
We have heard that there’s massive rock and metal audience! It would be great to play one day in from of you guys. Check out our social media sites, follow our pages and listen our music on Spotify! Rock on!
Visit us one day guys. Thanks for your time for this interview!
Interview by Angelos. 
Versión en castellano de esta entrevista aquí: Entrevista a la banda de Rock / Metal finesa HEROES DONT ASK WHY