Interview to netherlander Death Metal band SEITA.

Photo: SEITA´s Official Fan Page

After listening carefully to the first single of SEITA´s upcoming album "Maledictus Mundi", Angelos in Agencia Hummingbird Press conducted an interview with Michael Gambini, vocals and guitar in this Netherland´s Death Metal quartet. Here are their words...

Hummingbird Press: Well, you´ve been playing since 2007, and I bet you have come across many difficulties. Could you name some of them? What is a challenge for you as musicians in your country?
MICHEL: All possible things happen when you are playing underground shows. From technical problems, problems with electricity to no gear at all. Snow, storms… All kinds of things happened. But it makes you stronger and better. I think the difficulties are very similar everywhere for musicians. The challenge to get your music out there and be heard, to book shows and tour, money, etc. The important thing is not to let those difficulties, challenges and hardships put your passion and goals down.

Why did you decide to call the band SEITA? Where does it come from?
MICHEL: It was a suggestion of our ex-guitarist Edson Munoz. The word means cult in Portuguese. Literally it is about a group of people that share same ideas. We liked the idea.

With your first EP and your first album back in 2012, what did you do to promote your work in Europe? How did you put yourselves on the spot of  netherlander Metal music?
MICHEL: We were a totally independent band. It was really DIY all the way. Playing any gig that was offered to us and trying to play live as much as
possible.We released Asymmentric Warefare in 2012 through SAOL/CMM, but we continued to operate independently.

You´re going to release a new album soon! I bet you’re excited. What has happened to the band since your latest release (2012)?
MICHEL: A lot has happened. Line-up changes, new songs, lots of kilometers on the road. I think the band evolved and still evolving. The experience we gained is the most important thing that happened during this time, and it is reflecting on our music and everything we do.

 What does Maledictus Mundi wants to show to the fans? Can you explain a bit the idea behind the art work? (those skeleton monks, the dark heaven, the pope with the head on his hands...)
MICHEL: That is an illustration of how we see society. We have been led mostly by people that do not have their heads on their shoulders and have forces behind them that have absolutely no interest in the common good, except for themselves.

How has your city perceived.this new release, in your opinion? Is there any show planned specially for this release?
MICHEL: We have done a presentation for this album before at The Melkweg in Amsterdam. The support that people showed was great! Now the album will be release by Massacre Records and we are excited to start this new phase.

You have already had many shows in your country. In what ways that has helped you as a band?
MICHEL: The show is where people really see what the band is all about. I think the energy of a live performance surpasses any other form of experience in music. And for us as a band, it was and still is super important. The stage is the place to be, it teaches you a lot about what it is to be in a real band.

Tell us if you have any shows coming
MICHEL: We have few shows in the Netherlands till the end of the year. We are working towards a European tour somewhere early next year. Keep tuned in our website for news very soon.

A final message for our Colombian and Latin American readers at 
MICHEL: I would like to thank all the Colombians and Latin American readers and Metal fans! We know how passionate you guys are and we can’t wait to play in Latin America.
Till soon hermanos!!

Thanks for your time hermanos !

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Upcoming shows: 

13.10.2018 NL Nijverdal - Cult Art Club
03.11.2018 NL Zaandam - Podium De Flux

More information about the band

Record Label: Massacre Records.

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